Red Head Ned and the Monster Beneath His Bed

Authored and Illustrated by: Bennie L. Newsome (literary agent needed)


My current project, Red Head Ned and the Monster Beneath His Bed, consists of 703 words and twenty-four illustrations. It's brightly colored pictures, funny rhyme scheme, and the characters exaggerated expressions makes it an excellent book for children ranging from age two to seven-years-old. The story begins with Red Head Ned playing with his toys, but he soon discovers a monster beneath his bed. The child runs to tell his mother, but she does not believe him. And what child has not experienced that? Well, Ned goes to the living room to watch television. As he starts enjoying himself, Ned finds the monster sitting next to him on the couch. Once again, Ned runs to his mother and tells her what happened. She does not believe her child. That second time, Ned refuses to be ignored. He angrily returns to the living room, grabs that monster by the tail, then heads back for the kitchen. As soon as Ned presents the monster to his mother, she dashes from the kitchen and finds her husband. The mother tells her husband, but of course, he doesn't believe her.

The BoogeyMann

Authored and Cover Illustrated by: Bennie L. Newsome

May December Publications 

What do you do when timeouts prove to be ineffective and whippings are practically illegal? How can you attempt to reason with children, who are by nature, unreasonable creatures? When all else fails, take a chapter from Bryan Mann’s playbook: spare the rod, scare the child.
 It’s report card time, and sixteen-year-old Benjamin Mann happens to be more stressed than usual. The party of the year is taking place and the girl of his dreams will be in attendance, but there is something preventing him from having the time of his life -- poor grades. In order to have a night to remember and avoid the cruel and unusual punishment his father (Bryan Mann) is known for, Benjamin must break one of his father’s commandments. He must tell a lie. As if being lied to does not get Mr. Mann’s blood boiling enough, his eleven-year-old daughter, Kayla, comes to him and complains about being bullied at school. Instead of enjoying a night of festivities, Benjamin Mann and his best friend, Darnell Wallace, find themselves stranded in the woods while being pursued by horrors that they thought only existed in legends. Not far from where they tremble in fear, Kayla’s bully, Anthony Jones, attempts to escape the clutches of that very same evil. Is it just a coincidence, or has Mr. Mann’s simple “hiding under the bed” tactics elevated to an all new frightening level?
Can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the following link:


Stagnant Waters

Authored and Cover Illustrated by: Bennie L. Newsome

Previously published as part of an anthology by May December Publications

Looking to have it published independently.


Stagnant Waters has a word count of 28,515 and is intended for a middle grade audience. The story takes place in the small town of Margret -- a place practically isolated from civilization due to the large woods that surround it. After seven years of being plagued by bloodthirsty vampires, the citizens have managed to defeat the last two. An impromptu celebration ensues. Then two days later, three children discover that the whole town has been turned into vampires by mosquitoes that now carry the vampire virus.

While fighting his parents turned vampires (otherwise referred to as vamparents), Jayden discovers that the bloodsuckers have a new weakness -- bug spray. If sprayed in the face, the vampires are reverted back to their human self and left temporarily blind. Jayden shares this news with his comrades: Scott Weber and Tunisha Pugh. Armed with cans of bug spray, insect repellant, bug foggers, and water guns filled with pesticide, they battle a town of three hundred vampires -- and let's not forget the countless number of mosquitoes that caused the town of Margret to be nicknamed Stagnant Waters.


Authored and Cover Illustrated by: Bennie L. Newsome

May December Publications


Joshua Dobbs is a 23-year-old harpy (half demon, half angel), who has been sent to live on Earth in human guise after being banished from Heaven while still an infant. Because of his demonic half, Joshua was denied entry to eternal bliss, but the Heavenly Father showed His infinite mercy by giving the harpy a chance to prove his true character on Earth. Accompanied by his two guardian angels -- Seraph Sasha and Archangel Hezekiah -- Joshua goes through life enduring the same trials as humans. The harpy works a dead end job, struggles to make ends meet, and just can't seem to get ahead. The only thing that makes Joshua's humdrum life bearable are the heavenly assignments given to him by his surrogate mother, Sasha. The assignments normally consist of tracking down demons and destroying strongholds, but when he gets an assignment concerning a young woman named Tori Williams, everything changes.

The harpy is instructed to investigate demonic interferences within Tori's life, but while getting close to his charge in an attempt to set her free, Joshua falls in love. Joshua's personal feelings for Tori causes him to overlook her current boyfriend, Pastor Walter Reed, who happens to be the source of Tori's demonic problems; however, Joshua is the only one who has overlooked Walter. The man has caught the attention of a trio of dark angels who intend on assassinating him for his use of Hell's minions. And as if that isn't bad enough, Walter has been possessed by a demon known as Sakron -- a hellish being who has its sights set on Tori. As Walter sinks farther into the fiery abyss of Hell, it's up to Joshua to keep Tori from being dragged along for the ride.

Can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the following link:

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